22 XP

Feeling Bigger

When a yacht is designed to make you dream of the most distant horizons, but at the same time allows you not to give up your preferred port or bay thanks to a tailor-made size, then you realize that a larger boat isn’t always necessary. Indeed, the Numarine 22 XP presents itself as an extraordinary compromise of aesthetics, volume, comfort and operating distance: a pocket earth - your own floating world - of just 22.60 meters in overall length, and ready to sail the seven seas in safety, serenity and freedom.

Don't call it a Mini-Explorer though, because you'd be quite wrong. Despite its relatively small size, the new 22 XP in fact retains all the features that have made the fortunate five-model strong Numarine XP range (22, 26, 32, 37 and 45) stand out in the exploring vessels market: three decks, a fly bridge to focus the most unforgettable moments of your cruise, top-class performance and a brightness that, thanks to the unmistakable and geometric Numarine windows, dazzles even when below deck. All these contribute to the magical atmosphere that this brand unfailingly delivers.

Equipped with four cabins on the lower deck - one of which is full beam - the new Numarine 22 XP offers accommodation and privacy for eight people: eight lucky individuals including you, your loved ones and any others sharing your more personal and happy moments, surrounded by the deafening silence of the open sea, under the sun or, perhaps, under a starry sky on a magical night at anchor.

The time for departure has arrived. Your new yacht will enable you to set sail and discover the wide world out there that patiently awaits you. And if you haven’t yet picked a destination, hold onto the dream: your Numarine 22 XP will lead the way. After all, that’s why we created it.

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