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Ömer Malaz


Born and raised in Istanbul, I had my first boat when I was 6 years old and have been cruising in the Aegean and Mediterranian sea ever since. Coming from a family who has always been in production and passion for the sea, boat building had been a dream of mine. Luckily in 2000, I was able to convert this dream to reality. Beside of being the CEO of Numarine, I can also define myself as the most loyal customer who enjoys to spent his time on a Numarine yacht.

Malcolm Hutchison

Technical Director

The diversity of challenges and technology in yachting excites me, leading the creation of a dream from a bucket of chemicals and a box of parts into a high tec luxury yacht capable of traveling the world in the harshest of environments is a most rewarding way to travel through life.

Murat Şen

General Manager

Industrial engineer with MBA, started at Numarine in 2006 right after university graduation. Has been through many departments in many different positions in years.  Experienced in production, planning and lean systems. “There is and there will always be better” believer. Proud to be a part of this great team.

Bengü Özdoğan

Sales & Marketing Director

Originally from Istanbul but been captivated by the charm of yachting industry while living in Spain. Gained robust experience in sales, business development and marketing strategies during previous experiences in different sectors as well such as banking and telecommunications. Thrilled to work with a team capable of bringing a vision to life and who is working relentlessly.

Uğur Şahin

Sales Manager

A civil sealover, born in a Navy originated family. As expected, first became a racing windsurfer, skin diver and then a professional since 2007. Achieved many sales in the market but most impotantly a Turkish brand to Turkish customers! What a challenge...

Sinan Kantarcı

International After Sales Manager

Born in Istanbul, marine and outdoor enthusiastic, his passion lies in the mountains or deep in the vast seas. Always wondered by the harshest challenges of nature. Experienced in diverse industries’ fields in Aftersales more than 10 years. Considers himself proud to be a part of this great team.

Murat Leki

After Sales Manager
All kinds of vehicles that can travel on water have always attracted my attention. In fact, my mother made the most accurate diagnosis at the time about me. For anything to grab my attention, it has to either have a propeller or a wheel. I enjoy taking care of the boats crusing with them, no matter what their size or speed is. I consider myself lucky to be in the Numarine family, who have the same tastes and goals.

İpek Tanır

Marketing&PR Executive

Born and raised in Istanbul,I always enjoyed be near to sea. This love for the sea is a valuable part of my job here at Numarine after a few years in the marine industry. 

Solution Partners

Can Yalman

Industrial Designer

Umberto Tagliavini

Naval Architect





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