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From day one, Numarine has used the very latest in vacuum infusion technology and composite materials to produce extremely rigid, lightweight and incredibly strong hulls.
With the extremely technical vacuum infusion process, lightweight, composite materials such as Kevlar and Carbon Fiber are placed into molds in a highly complex strategic order to fully benefit from each of the material’s unique properties.
The ’sandwich’ of materials is then fused together under vacuum as the resin bonds all elements together in a temperature-controlled environment. The result of this delicate process that involves our 22XP and 26XP models provides our owners with a hull approaching the strength of steel, with a weight saving of up to 30% versus a traditionally laminated hull. This increased strength repels impacts in rough water, whilst the decreased weight delivers inherent economy, better stability and other performance benefits.
Lean Manufacturing Philosophy at Numarine
Our approach at the center of all activities carried out with the Lean Institute: “Make problems visible, develop people and solve these problems with people you develop.” In this context, our production manager and factory manager participated in the "Study Mission Japan" program organized by the Lean Institute in Japan to experience the Toyota Production System on site and reinforce it with practices:
•       We developed a planning program with the Lean Institute specific to our way of doing business.
•       By establishing the morning Oobeya meeting system, we began to talk about daily planning details, goals and needs.
•       We designed the project planning system to better manage the prototype boat manufacturing process.
•       We made planning reports simpler and easier / faster to prepare, and such that the planning  workload decreased.
•       We downloaded prepared reports for use in the field and commenced course evaluation meetings. We created awareness.
•       We collect improvements by gathering after-sales feedback and tackling our mistakes / adopting suggestions as potential improvements.
•       With 5S applications, we carry an orderly clean up process every day.
We are working to adopt  the philosophy of Lean Production; “Make the mistake visible, develop the human and solve these problems with the people you develop” as the basis of the lean system.
In-house Production:
We have experience of in-house building from furniture to glass, as well as stainless steel. Numarine has a large team of over 300 employees who aim to advance daily.
Build Solution Partners:
Numarine appreciates the need to use known supplier brands in the build process, and therefore, whenever possible we use brands or suppliers that not only add value to the motor boat construction, but more importantly give every customer the understanding that whenever possible only the best materials are used.
GURIT: Gurit has established itself as a developer and innovator in the composites industry, positioning itself as the leading global supplier of composite materials, engineering services, tooling equipment, and select parts and systems. Gurit, works worldwide with multinational companies, and as Numarine we have been working with them with structural engineering on  our motor yachts. 
Silent Line: Sjaak van Cappellen founded Silent Line in 2001 to offer the Global Yachting Industry Innovative Engineering based Solutions in the field of noise and vibration control. Sjaak van Cappellen received three International Awards for his Innovative Solutions onboard the nowadays most quiet yachts ever built, anywhere in the world.
Energy Solutions: The marine sector is Energy Solutions’ longest established market area, and since 1996 they have been working with leading OEM boatbuilders, superyacht owners, boat yards and individual sailing and motor yachts. They enable clients to find the optimum power and control systems that fit their requirements. Energy Solutions conducts research, design and manufacture in house, providing new ways for its clients to attract customers and set themselves apart in terms of look, efficiency and technology. Working with products from the world’s leading manufacturers, they are able to offer clients fully designed systems incorporating a comprehensive range of elements from helm panels and complete power distribution products through to installation components.

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